Belgium price data May 2023

May 25

Recent update: It is very quiet in Europe, according to one commenter – the phone does not ring a lot and that is a good barometer of the current market. There is some pressure on bull hides, which will unavoidably result in lower prices in the weeks to come, but it is difficult to gauge how much at this stage. Demand for cesareans is also lower, with the same consequences as for bull hides expected to follow.

Sales to China for cowhides are now made at stand on levels, around US$24.00/hide, but with a slightly better exchange rate than a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, customers in Asia claim about the high US$ against their local currency. One’s happiness is another’s misfortune.

This commenter went on to remark: “More generally, I find one thing strange: when you talk to customers in Europe, they don’t need hides. When you talk to hide sellers/producers, they have no offers. So, I am wondering where are all the hides are going to?”

This is a question that has had a lot of people scratching their heads recently, from the hide seller to the end use tanner, and all confirm that the finished leather industry is not in good shape. It’s not so bad as to try and force price down, but these are indeed very strange times within the hide industry