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Established in 1985

theSauerReport is the leading global hides and skins for leather platform, providing its subscribers the latest raw materials prices and market trends on a regular basis. Understanding the raw materials market helps companies better understand the buying or selling prices of finished leather.

Why do businesses subscribe to theSauerReport?

  • Assists professionals with finished leather purchasing decisions
  • theSauerReport is the world’s leading website for small skin raw materials prices and trends
  • Stay up to date with a regular Worldview email with a link to the latest offer prices
  • Helps to de-risk purchasing or selling decisions
  • Gives an accurate direction of the market with expert industry analysis
  • Read by some of the world’s largest leather buying retail brands, retailers and OEMs
  • Aids tanners with their raw materials buying programmes

The report includes:

  • Global raw materials (hides/skins) prices for leather with market analysis by country
  • Regular market updates with prices for limed and/or wet-blue splits
  • Wet-salted and/or wet-blue hide and skin prices from major freely traded markets
  • Regular updates from the U.S. with a weekly cattle harvest, sales and shipments statistics round-up
  • The Sauer Indexes for bovine, bovine upholstery, sheep and goat skins

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About the expert

Martin Ricker FSLTC is Content Director of theSauerReport’s sister publication, International Leather Maker (ILM). Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and has worked for many years in both the leather and media industries. He began his career in the leather industry as a Leather Technician for the company now known as Eurofins:BLC.

For the past 26 years, he has been working in media industry, specialising in the leather supply chain and eventually co-founding ILM publisher Edify Digital Media in 2013. Edify acquired theSauerReport from founder Ron Sauer in 2016.

Subscriber testimonials

When sourcing leather for future collections we find theSauerReport is an invaluable resource for signposting accurate finished leather prices from our suppliers. We believe that hide and skin prices have a direct bearing on finished leather prices, so it helps us with budgeting and price negotiations for the next seasons leathers. Especially as the raw materials market for leather can be very volatile and can be impacted by a huge range of variables.

Luxury brand leather buyer, France

Understanding the raw materials market for leather can be a complex business. Knowing the correct market price of what globally traded hides and skins are, can save or cost any company a small fortune. We use theSauerReport to know what hide, skin and split prices are being traded at daily from their range of freely traded international sources. The latest offer prices and the regular World View narrative sent by email, allows us to know in which direction the market is headed and adjust our raw and semi-processed materials offer prices for our customers accordingly.

Large scale hide processor and trader, Brazil

There is a direct correlation between raw materials prices and finished leather prices. By analysing the latest market offer prices and understanding how the many variables such as global cattle slaughter, market financial information, consumer retail trends and geopolitical events allows us to look for the best time and place to source our raw materials as well as accurately price our finished leather. theSauerReport is a very valuable tool and saves our business lots of time and money.

Bovine leather tanner, China